How do we guarantee the quality of our products:

At the AJDIGNTARGUININE Cooperative, our commitment to quality is at the heart of our mission, we have put in place a monitoring and quality control process for our products, so that we offer you exceptional products that you can choose with complete confidence. trust :
  1. Quality certification: we obtain recognized certifications for our products such as organic certification (USDA), protected geographical indication (PGI), fair trade (FAIRTRADE), and others standards relevant to our industry, these certifications demonstrate our commitment to high standards.
  2. Traceability: we implement a complete traceability system for our products, we follow the origin of each product, from harvest to distribution, in order to guarantee their authenticity.
  3. Quality Control: We establish quality control procedures at every stage of production, we carry out tests and inspections to ensure that only high quality products reach our customers.
  4. Producer training: we train our producers in best harvesting and cultivation practices. We make sure they understand the importance of the quality and authenticity of our products.
  5. Laboratory test: before marketing our products, we carry out tests either in our internal laboratory, or in a private laboratory, for products intended for export. They are analyzed by the analysis laboratory of the Independent Institution for Export Control and Coordination (EACCE).