Aromatic and medicinal plants:

We have benefited from the natural wealth of our region, a generous land which has offered us an exceptional variety of aromatic and medicinal plants. With this precious natural heritage, we have embarked on an exciting journey to extract the essence of these plants and create a diverse range of high quality essential oils.

Within the AjdigNtarguinine Cooperative in the dedicated unit, we produce medicinal and aromatic oils using the distillation process. We carefully select herbs and plants, then dry and clean them carefully. Next, we put it in a still using steam method to extract the aromatic and medicinal oils. The steam then passes through a condenser, which cools the steam and turns it into a liquid. We carefully collect the resulting oil and store it in designated bottles. This method guarantees the quality of the oils we produce for our customers.

Each essential oil offers a multitude of therapeutic properties. Some are soothing, others revitalizing, and still others antiseptic. Their applications are as varied as the plants themselves, ranging from relaxation to stimulation of the senses.