Our story :

“Argan, from our land to your skin.”

Cooperative “Ajdig Ntarguinine” was created in 2005, establishing its first headquarters in the rural commune of Targua n Ttouchka, while a second headquarters was set up in the center of the city of Aït Baha. At the beginning, seven women initiated this project, and they dedicated themselves to crushing argan nuts as well as selling the argan seeds. In 2007, the cooperative joined the economic interest group “GIE Targuinine”. This integration offered the cooperative the opportunity to market its products nationally and internationally, while benefiting from a commercial brand. This crucial step not only improved product quality, but also increased production capacity, thus promoting an increase in income for rural women.

The action of the cooperative is not limited only to the production of argan oil and its derivatives; it also extends to the exploitation of local natural resources such as oregano, mugwort, thyme, black seeds, prickly pear and  almond… The progress of this initiative was supported by the National Human Development Initiative, which contributed to the establishment of the headquarters and the provision of the necessary equipment to the production. Thanks to the support of the Ministry of Agriculture, the cooperative was able to establish a production unit for aromatic and medicinal plants in 2010, in addition to a unit dedicated to the production of honey.

Today, the cooperative has managed to reach more than 75 women, expanding its range of organic products. It has even managed to export its products to many countries around the world, thanks to its sustained efforts and active participation in development initiatives.

Our mission :

Our mission as an argan cooperative is to preserve and promote the argan tree, a valuable ecosystem in Morocco, while improving the lives of local rural women. We are committed to producing and offering the highest quality argan products, while adhering to sustainable and ethical practices. By valuing the work of women, guaranteeing fair working conditions, and actively participating in the development of our communities, we aspire to create a positive impact both on the environment and on the lives of the people who contribute to our cooperative . We aim to share the benefits of argan with the world, offering natural products that enrich the health and beauty of our customers.