Honey :

Explore our collection of honeys from Morocco, a true-tasting adventure that takes you to the heart of the Atlas Mountains and the captivating Moroccan landscapes. Each of our honeys captures the unique essence of Moroccan biodiversity and Berber culture, offering authentic flavors and natural benefits:

Euphorbia Honey : A sweet and floral honey from the euphorbia flowers of our mountains.

Thyme Honey: A Mediterranean treasure with herbaceous aromas and a touch of sunshine, ideal for enhancing your dishes and herbal teas.

Multi Flower Honey: An intoxicating blend of nectars from different flowers from the CHTOUKA AITBAHA region, offering a sweet symphony of local flavors.

Argan Honey: A rare and precious honey, harvested from argan flowers, with a subtle sweetness and a characteristic aroma.

Eucalyptus Honey: A refreshing honey with menthol notes, evoking the freshness of the Moroccan mountains.

Carob Honey: A dark, velvety honey with rich, sweet flavors