Certification and quality:

  1. Organic certification (CCPB): The Ajdigntarguine cooperative is proud to hold organic certification (CCPB) which attests to our commitment to strict organic production standards for our Argan products. We grow, harvest and process our products using organic methods. No synthetic chemicals, pesticides or artificial fertilizers are used in our production process.

    Protected Geographical Indication (PGI): Our cooperative AjdigNtarguinine is established in the region of CHTOUKA AITBAHA which benefits from IGP certification for Argan. This means that our Argan products are authentic and made using traditional methods specific to this particular region. This certification is proof of the exceptional quality and authentic origin of our products.

    ONSSA certification: We attach primary importance to the food safety of our products. . This is why we are certified by the National Food Safety Office (ONSSA), a government body in Morocco. This certification guarantees that our Argan products meet strict food safety standards, ensuring unparalleled quality for our customers

    Fair Trade Certification (FAIRTRADE): At AjdigNtarguine, we are committed to the principles of fair trade. Our fair trade certification demonstrates our ethical approach. We pay our producers fairly, invest in community projects and promote fair working conditions for our employees. By choosing our products, our customers directly contribute to the well-being of local communities.